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Come and visit my gallery. I'd love to see what you have to say about my work.

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Sonic pairs (alphabetical order: male name first):

Antoine x Bunnie
Armadas x Rosemary
Ash x Mina

Bark x Ebony
Bean x Sticks
Ben Mutt x Li Moon
Bukkon x Pearly
Charmy x Cosmo
Chuck x Rosie Woodchuck
Elias x Megan
Emerl x Galaxina
Eric x Shade
Espio x Nicole

Fang x Perci
Fintivous x Lien-Da
Fix-It x Matilda
Geoffrey St. John x Hershley

Ivo x Melissa
Jet x Wave
Jon x Demi-Na
Jules x Aleena
Ken Khan x Tiara
Kneecaps x Alexis
Knuckles x Julie-Su
Locke/Wynmacha x Lara-Le
Manic x Amy
Merlin x Bernadette
Mighty x Honey

Paulie x Brenda
Ralph x Rain
Ray x Marine
Raynor x Rita-Le
Razor x Coral
Remington x Komi-Ko
Rob'O Hedge x Mari-An
Rotor x Sonia
Sha-Quo x Tikal
Shadow x Rouge
Shard x Relic
Silver x Blaze

Skeeter x Anita
Sonic x Sally
Storm x Techo
Tails x Cream
Vector x Vanilla

Wombat Stu x Saffron
Zax x Teri-Lu



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Rach B
Artist | Student | Varied
ANY work involving my OCs has to get past me first! You have been warned! (Thanks for the tip, Oscar!)

Friends on DA and/or YT.
:iconttl1990: He has made an awesome series of Engines Tonight and I am proud to say that I am a voice actress and my trainsona is going to become a reoccurring character in the series. We have done a few RPs, and I have quite a bit of fun with them.

:iconskullzproductions: and :iconthomasandmichael: they have done some great Thomas and Friends/MLP crossovers that have inspired me to do my own. The 3 of us sometimes team up and do the same episodes with differences between each of them.

:iconplunderbird: He has a great sketch show and I am proud to say that I am one of the lucky people that help him out with voice acting. My OC will appear in his series as well.

:iconmlpfimlover97: She has done some wonderful MLP art, including some of my fanfoals. She even got back into Thomas and friends thanks to my fanart, and she got me into some of her pairings too in return.

:iconlgee14: He has done some really good stories on Thomas and friends, and even wrote a story I suggested, which I am proud of. We have had some of the best RPs ever too.

:iconjamesfan1991: He has done a fantastic job on his Thomas and friends animated series, and I am very happy to say that I am one of the voice actresses for it. I voice Crystal, Caroline, Millie, and myself. He was my 1st friend on DA and on YT, and he was my 1st watcher on DA too.

:iconflyguyrob: He has some good OCs, and I am also proud to say that I am his DA little sister. We have also done a couple of RPs, and they are good too.

:iconsodormatchmaker: We have done some great RPs and he sometimes helps with my series.

:iconfavoriteartman: He has done some great sprites and we help each other out with stories occasionally.

:iconatsf: We have been working on this really awesome series together, and I am enjoying every story I have read thus far. Except... he left. I really miss you, buddy... :cling: You were my best friend.

:iconmarzipanhomestar66: I have taken a lot of inspiration for him and we also have good discussions about our series as well as the canon shows of MLP and Thomas and the RWS books.

:iconwildnorwester: At 1st, I was just a big fan of his 'Sodor, The Early/Modern Years' series. I still love that series, but since then, a friendship has struck up and I got the parts of Iris and Pip & Emma. In return, WildNorWester has kindly offered to help me and atsf with our series as an editor for some of our stories.

:iconlinkinparkfan420: I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. Oscar, you've been a great friend since the day we met on YT, and our RPs have been some of the best fun ever!

Friends that I know in real life.
:iconmine-kid23: (Stacey. Friend at my school in Home Group.)

Sonic OTPs:
Sonally Stamp by migueruchan Tails x Cream Stamp by carrehz Silvaze Stamp by GothScarlet Shadouge Stamp by GothScarlet KnuxSu Fan Stamp by Sophiecinders14 Charsmo stamp by Soraply11 :thumb400929625: Buntoine Fan Stamp by bunnikkila Vecilla stamp by SonicAngel948 Bokkun x Pearly stamp by donamorteboo Jet and Wave Stamp by 13VOin RayxMarine supporter stamp by Envytheskunk Fiona X Scourge Stamp by JetProwerTheFox

Rotor x Sonia and ManicAmy too, but I don't have stamps yet.

Sonic pairings I'm ok with:
Sonaze Glow Heart Stamp by KTWizard Manic x Shade Stamp by anastasiathefox1 Taismo Stamp by SonicHearts Chaream stamp by SonicAngel948 Knuxonia Stamp by GothScarlet Knuxouge Stamp by GothScarlet Charfron Stamp by GeoffreyHammy16 Silver x Amy stamp by SonicAngel948 ShadowXAmy Stamp by SoraRoyals77 Rotor x Nicole Stamp by neoncat Griff x Lupe stamp by donamorteboo CharmRine stamp by TobyandMavisforever TailRine by TobyandMavisforever SilverxTikal stamp by SilvertheHedgehog911 Monkey Khan x Amy stamp by eeveecupcakegirl :thumb556475315: Esponia Stamp by migueruchan Manic x Mina Stamp by anastasiathefox1

Also Silver x Gold, but I haven't found a stamp

Anti Sonic Couples:
Sonic x Amy
Khan x Sally
Knuckles x Tikal
Shadow x Sally
Tails x Zooey
Sonic x Fiona
Tails x Fiona
Bartley x Sonia
Anti Thrash x Julie Su by TobyandMavisforever My most hated one to date now!


Heads up, my internet is very off-again, on-again. So don't be surprised if I'm offline for periods at a time.
I just don't understand why everyone's bashing last year. I thought it was good.
Well, it just struck Midnight down here. Happy 2017 everyone!
Had a thought.

I've seen a fanfiction saying that Malka's the prince of his pride. I really like this theory, and here's my take:

Malka's dad was Tanglemane, and Malka was going to take the throne as king. When Simba was presumed dead, Sarafina and Leo told Malka's parents that Malka and Nala were to be betrothed and rule the Prideland pride together, as Malka's original betrothed ran away from the arranged marriage. Of course, Simba was found again, and plans went ahead as they were. Malka actually fell for another lioness his age, and were happy to be normal lions in a pride, as his dad had also left and became a rogue. Malka and his wife moved to Simba's pride afterwards.
If you put canon and semi-canon together for TLK universe, Simba and Nala have two sons and a daughter: Kiara, Kion and Kopa.

Sound familiar?

Edit: Rob got it! I'm talking about the Sonic Underground!

Sonic - Kion
Sonia - Kiara
Manic - Kopa
Aleena - Nala
Jules - Simba
Ok, Oscar told me some... disturbing but true info regarding real African lions. What happens is, two male lions get into a battle for the pride, which consists of a bunch of related lionesses (Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, granddaughters, aunts, nieces, female cousins, ect), and cubs, and a male lion (sometimes a second male lion is present too). The succeeding male lion of the fight kills the cubs of the predecessor to better his chances of reproductive status, while the other one is in exile from the pride.

Now, look at Tojo and Tama, (these two: and ) They have very light coats, like Mufasa. And Simba and Nala have these coats too (although, Nala's coat looks like it comes from Sarafina.). They also lived during Mufasa's reign.

And compare those two with these two cubs Chumvi and Kula. ( and… ) Their coats are much darker, like they came from Scar/Taka. I should also note that the story they appear in, was during Scar/Taka's reign.

If this was real life, then yes, Scar would have killed the first two, and all the cubs in the pride would have been sired by Scar and Mufasa. But... as this is Disney, they've loosened logic up a bit, so no incest relationships are present in the canon, and the only killer was Scar.
This is an idea I came up with while RPing with Oscar. What if, during the time of when Simba was presumed dead, that Nala was betrothed to another cub? Malka, perhaps?

If you're curious as to what animals Stanley has looked up in the Great Big Book Of Everything or online, here's the list:

A – Ant, Anteater, Armadillo,
B – Bat, Bald eagle, Beaver, Bee, Bison, Bloodhound, Bluebird
C – Camel, Canada goose, Capuchin monkey, Cedar waxwing, Cheetah, Chameleon, Chimpanzee, Clownfish, Coral, Cow,  Crocodile
D – Dog, Dolphin, Dragonfly, Duck,
E – Earthworm, Electric eel, Elephant,
F – Firefly, Flamingo, Flying fish, Flying squirrel, Frog
G – Giant panda, Giraffe, Goat, Goldfish, Gorilla, Grizzly bear, Groundhog
H – Hammerhead shark, Hamster, Hermit crab, Hippopotamus, Horse, Hummingbird, Humpback whale
I – Impala
J – Jackrabbit, Japanese macaque
K – Kangaroo, Koala, Kookaburra, Kokako, Komodo dragon
L – Ladybug, Lion, Lobster
M – Manatee, Mandrill, Mockingbird, Monarch butterfly, Musk turtle
N – Nightingale
O – Orangutan, Octopus, Ostrich, Owl, Oyster
P – Parrot, Painted turtle, Peacock, Pelican, Penguin, Peregrine falcon, Pig, Pigeon, Platypus, Polar bear, Prairie dog, Python
Q –
R – Rabbit, Raccoon, Raven, Red fox, Ring-tailed lemur, Rhinoceros, Roadrunner, Rooster,
S – Sawfish, Seahorse, Sea lion, Sea otter, Shark, Sheep, Skunk, Sloth, Snow leopard, Snowshoe hare, Spider, Squirrel, Swan
T – Tasmanian devil, Tiger, Turkey, Tyrannosaurus rex
U – Umbrella bird
V – Vole
W – Walrus, Wolf, Woodpecker
X – X-ray fish
Y – Yak
Z – Zebra

I was looking in an animal book I got for my birthday, and it turns out that while the Short-beaked echidna is Least Concern, the Eastern Long-Beaked echidna is Critically Endangered. Maybe that's why they made Knuckles the last of his kind in the Sonic franchise...
I was watching a childhood show Stanley and saw the rhino episode. Out of curiosity, I looked up the Square lipped rhino. It's southern species has a population of about 17,000. However, it's northern counterpart has only three confirmed in captivity. A real shame...
Not often that the Melbourne Cup and Halloween are back to back.
Note for Sonic Chronicles: Shade's two combo moves with Sonic (Blade Drop) and Knuckles (Echidna Rush) are REALLY strong to take out foes with a ton of Health Points. Too bad you need to wait till chapter 6 to get her.
I will be doing 'Return Of The Roar', but I can't find a script. Could someone help?
Well, Grand final's today. I'll be at a function later so... don't be surprised if I'm offline.
About halfway done with 'Echidna Guardian 2: Knuckles' Tribe'.
James :iconsodormatchmaker: and Ben :iconsteamdiesel:, congrates on your first appearance on STMY.
I need someone with an un-basis opinion here, but... I tend to focus the stories on more... slice of life or emotional stories rather than stories of action. Is that a bad thing?

Edit: Thanks, guys. I'm feeling a bit better now.
Because the Youtube PM system is so... Ugh, these days, I had to try it this way instead.

Basically, I've watched HoneyHearts27 for a while and I love her videos, so I made her this: Stallions by TobyandMavisforever There's a message for her too. But only HoneyHearts can read it [unless she does a FM video. Then you can see the message.]
This is hilarious too. For those of you who know the Model Horse series Conquering Tide done by CinnamonMewMew, you will know exactly how this happened: Mars, Fire, and Snow lol by EquusInspirationFoals' reactions:

Thor: Had a little trouble with your powers, eh, Mars?

Neptune: Out of all the random things that you have done, Mars, this fits the category of 'the most ridiculous stunts in the world'.

Ariston: Oh... I'm glad I don't have those types of powers. I wouldn't want to fall down in the snow.

Venus: Oh, Ariston. You have it admit, it's a little funny. I wouldn't mind getting a camera out to take a picture.

Gaia: Heh, maybe you should spend more time with Leonidas, Mars. It would be beneficial for you to further enhance your powers.

Loki: Then maybe you will pass that test with Eros next time. I mean, that is, if you want a better rank in the heard.

[Commenters note: I think Loki would have opened up just a little bit with Gaia hanging around him. Little puppy... err... foal love crush going on.]
The way we humans and other animals (fictional ponies) are cousins, is if one parent is the sibling of another child's parent. For example, my OC Sweet Song is the sister of Posey, thus making Fluttershy and Song Cue cousins.

But... with engines, that's not the case. In order for an engine to be a sibling, they have to be the same class, (Donald and Douglas, or Bill and Ben for example).

And cousins... I know they exist, but what would make them cousins?

I did some research, and it turns out there were some Isle Of Wight A1 terriers that were not preserved. I initially made Chichester to be a fictional numbered terrier, but now I want to make her one of those scrapped engines and give them a lease of life 

8 deviants said 69 Peckham/W10 Cowes (Built 1874, rebuilt 1930, withdrawn 1936 and scrapped 1949)
7 deviants said 84 Crowborough/W12 Ventnor (Built 1880, Rebuilt 1916, withdrawn 1936 and scrapped 1949)
3 deviants said 75/W9 Blackwall (Built 1872, withdrawn and scrapped 1927)
1 deviant said Other (If it is some other terrier, I'll change the backstory. Also, tell me which terrier it is.)


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